Motion Design for storytelling brands

Hey, I'm Emanuel! I bring brand systems to life through motion design.

In a world that never stops,
why should your brand be still?

Bring your project to life through the power of well-curated animation made specially to fit your vision with the power of storytelling.

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Motion System

Motion System is the next step when it comes to brand storytelling. Its main goal is to standardize the brand’s animation so that it is consistent across all communication pieces, communicating your values with a powerful approach every single time.

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The brand unfolds in real time. More than presenting the brand to its audience, the Showcase sums-up exactly how its storytelling can be expanded across all medias — online, offline, static or in animated form. It's the ideal material to share with your peers, clients and community.

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Logo Animation

The core of brand storytelling. The animated version of the logo highlights the brand's identity in a way that is impossible to ignore. Motion represents a next step when it comes to humanizing brands and making them feel distinct from competitors.

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